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Media Music Composers is a music licensing company with a music library of pre-cleared radio ready quality tracks to be licensed for TV, Film, Gaming, Commercials, Movie Trailers, YouTube, Websites and much more. Our music library is organized with non-exclusive tracks ready to go for your next project. We offer custom tracks, scoring to picture / film and exclusive music tracks at additional an additional cost. Re-mix and Re-edits of tracks available at additional costs. If you do not happen to find what your looking for or trouble finding the usage category for a track, please contact us. (We also can negotiate pricing on single track usage for larger productions.) Special savings on monthly, 6 months and yearly blanket licenses. Email us for your blanket license savings. Feel free to contact us for student films / Indie films as we may offer a low price or free in some cases.

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1:08 Keywords: 20th Century Fox, A Beautiful Mind, About A Boy, American Beauty, Angels, Animals, Animation, Antarctic, Arctic, Art House Movie, Baby, Badly Drawn Boy, Beach, Belonging, Bernard Hermann, Birthday, Blue Planet, Blue Skies, Cafe, Celebrities, Cheeky, Cheerful, Childrens Music, Childrens TV, Chilled, Christian, Christmas Eve, Church, City, Coming of Age, Contented, Corporate, Cruise, Cute, Danny Elfman, Delicate, Desire, Desperate Houswives, Discovery, Dynamic, Emotional, Environmental, European Films, Exciting, Exclusive, Exotic, Expansive, Expedition, Eyes Wide Shut, Fantasy, Fashion, Film, Film Score, Finding Nemo, Floating, French Film, Friends, Funeral, Garden State, Genealogy, Gentle, Girl Interrupted, Glaciers, Hanson, Healing, Heart, Heartfelt, Heavenly, Heavens Opening, Hollywood Romance Movie, Home Alone, Hope, Hotel, Ice Melting, Imagination, In Bruges, Incredibles, Indie Film, Joey, Jolly, Journey, Joyful, Landscape, Light, Light Hearted , Love, Lullaby, Majesty, March of the Penguins, Meditation, Memories, Monsoon Wedding, Montage, Mountain, Nelson Riddle, Nostalgic, Nursery Rhyme, Ocean, Paradise, Park, Party, Play School, Playful, Prayer, Rain, Rainy Day, Reflection, Relationship, Relaxation, Remembrance, Reminiscent, Reunion, Rich, River, Road to Perdition, Romance, Sailing, Sea, Seaside, Serenade, Sesame Street, Silence, Silly, Sleepy, Slow, Slow Motion, Solvent, Spa, Sparkling, Spiritual, Spring, Sprinkles, Stephen Spielberg, Stylish, Summer, Sunrise, Sunset, Sunshine, The Oscars, Ting Tings, Toy, Tropical, Two by two, Underwater, Uplifting, Vibrant, Water, Wedding, Whales, Wildlife Documentary, Wind, Winter, Wistful, Zoo
Composed by Media Music Composers
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