On the Music Catalog store page, you can quickly search for music by genres, track titles, descriptions and related tags by entering any combination of these words in the “Keywords search…” box. You can go through the dropdown boxes and do a advanced search by genre. You will have the privilege to listen over the full track at no cost to you. When you like the track and are ready to license simply follow the instructions as per the dropdown menus appear. If you would like to make a counter offer on the price to negotiate the fee, feel free to do so. We work with all budgets and pricing is all negotiable. 

Registration is not required to find music, preview it and get automated quotes, but you’ll need to register once to negotiate and purchase licenses. At the top-right of the Find Music page, you can register and login. Registration is FREE, there’s no obligation to buy, and you will not get “spammed."

Once registered, you can use the same login credentials (username and password) to access your account. Then you can get more quotes, make offers, request pricing, send custom music requests or negotiate any other licensing terms directly with us.


New customer special offer: Get 30% off of up to 3 Licenses from our music catalog. Enter coupon code GET30 

Valid thru 12/20/20. Discounts do not apply to price negotiation offers submitted. 

Re-edits, mixing and mastering of all tracks can be done upon the clients request to fit their needs. We have upgraded our mastering software since older tracks have been uploaded. Please feel free to ask for re-mastered versions of tracks that you may like but prefer a different sound quality. Some music tracks has Sub-Mixes / Alt. versions. The track info section will specify if there are Sub-Mixes available for that song. We can arrange Alt. versions and also stem files as well with the license of the original track for a low rate.